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Dogtor Gizmo THD and Little Brother Gadget, Licensed Therapy Dogs

Dogtor Gizmo THD and Little Brother Gadget, Licensed Therapy Dogs

Hi, my name is Dogtor Gizmo, and this is my little brother, Gadget! We’re dental therapy dogs who love to make people smile! We work at Sleep Dentistry Erie with Dr. Kevin Mahoney and help patients with dental anxiety and phobias get through their dental treatments with hugs and cuddles. We also like to visit sick children in hospitals and lonely seniors in nursing homes. 

You may also not know I am a bit of an entrepreneur! Each year, I sell calendars to benefit local animal shelters so my fellow furry friends can find new homes. 

Most of the week, though, you can find us at the office! Please come see us at Sleep Dentistry Erie for your next dentist appointment with Dr. Kevin Mahoney!

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What are the benefits of a dental therapy dog?

Dental therapy dogs can decrease a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve their overall mood. This, in turn, allows them to interact more easily with staff.

How much can a patient interact with Gizmo and Gadget?

Plenty! Both Gizmo and Gadget are available for hugs and cuddles before, during, and after your appointment. If you’d rather not, that’s fine as well—we understand dogs aren’t for everyone!

What does it take to be a dental therapy dog?

In order to be a licensed dental therapy dog, a dog must undergo special training. This is to ensure they have a good temperament, a calm demeanor, and can behave in different environments—in this case, a waiting room or dentist’s office.

Where do our calendar fundraiser proceeds go?

Dogtor Gizmo’s calendar proceeds benefit local animal shelters, such as Orphan Angels, Because You Care Inc., and Canine Partners and H.O.P.E rescue.

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