Testimonials | Sleep Dentistry Erie

Madyson had problems with 4 separate dentists. Then we found Dr. Mahoney and 'Sleep Dentistry'. Now she has no problems and we love it!

- Melissa

I'm just a big chicken about dentists. Then I found 'Sleep Dentistry' and I had a lot of extensive work done all at one time 'asleep'! It's great and I love it!

- Rich Riley

Bianka no longer fears the dentist due to 'Sleep Dentistry' and Dr. Mahoney. Now I don't worry about her dental health and she loves it.

- Annelie

I am a new patient to the practice and I am very comfortable there already. I have some issues with periodontal problems and had them assessed. Within a week I was in for the best cleaning I've ever had. Dana was not only professional but very comforting to a new person. I've learned that fear of dentistry, for me, is not so much pain involved but a fear of the unknown. Dana showed me my x-rays and explained what areas needed my attention. She explained how the good care habits would get my gums back in shape and help me to save my own teeth. I'm not worried about my next appointment as I know I'm working toward a goal. All the staff made me comfortable and everything was explained to me. I know what good habits I need to learn and the positive outcome I can achieve by connecting the periodontal problems now and carry me into the future. Thank you!

- Mary Beth Holt

I came to Dr. Mahoney as a skeptical nervous parent. I have been totally impressed with not only Dr. Mahoney, but his staff as well. My youngest son had quite a bit of work done, without pain and very little stress to him. I am so impressed I have now become a patient of Dr. Mahoney's myself.

- Jennifer Hill

As you know, I have recently undergone a series of treatments at your office, many of those treatments under anesthesia. Through each of them you and your staff have been kind and attentive - and for a patient whose treatment is complicated by fear and anxiety, that level of caring has an immeasurable impact.

I believe that pain and fear can be dulled by empathy & kindness (and a good dose of nitrous oxide), and you have managed to effectively incorporate that into your craft. Even when things have been challenging, you and your staff have always treated me with patience, compassion and respect. I hope you know what a difference that has made for me.

My husband and I thank you for your continued good service -- we hope your practice continues to thrive, and that others will look to you as an example.

- Lisa DiFrancisco

Wow! I have been having problems with my back molars for a number of years. I went through a terrible experience prior to coming to Dr. Mahoney. I was so traumatized I was never going to a dentist again. Then I experienced "Sleep Dentistry", it was a wonderful experience. My teeth felt great and the best thing is I don't remember anything!!

Thank you and your staff for making my time at the dentist a relaxing time.

- Kathy Camphire

My lifelong affliction of "dental-phobia" led to poor dental hygiene and many missing/broken teeth. Afraid to smile, and very self-conscious of my appearance, I felt I was fated to go through life using the "band-aid" approach of coping. Then I read, in the local newspaper, testimonials from several of Dr. Mahoney's patients.

As a result of Dr. Mahoney's expertise, sleep dentistry, and a very caring staff, I found a permanent solution that was painless and affordable. Now I echo everyone who has said, "I wish I had done this years ago".

I recommend Dr. Mahoney to each and everyone who is seeking quality, compassionate dental care.

- Linda Henry

After being in AGONY and tears for 5+ days, these wonderful people worked me in last minute, on my first call, and got me smiling as soon as I stepped in their office with Gizmo. He's already doing great things! I couldn't be happier with entire experience..thanks to everyone I spoke with today and Dr. Mahoney's great "skills at really tough things" I am finally able to eat and think I'll be getting a good nights rest. Thank you all!!!

- Rhiannon McCorkle
Erie, PA