You Dream While We Work...<br>You'll Love It!</br>

You Dream While We Work...
You'll Love It!

Sleep Dentistry can provide dental anesthesia for any treatment for kids and adults.
Brighten Up Your Smile!

Brighten Up Your Smile!

Sleep Dentistry offers cosmetic dentistry to help you get the smile you've always dreamed of.
Healthy Smiles For Everyone!

Healthy Smiles For Everyone!

Sleep Dentistry provides dentistry procedures like teeth cleaning and dental x-rays for the entire family!
Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Treatment

Sleep Dentistry offers orthodontic treatment for kids and adults in order to help maintain your best smile.
Cosmetic Dentistry in Erie, PA

Cosmetic Dentistry in Erie, PA

Get the smile you've always dreamed of with our smile makeover services!

Premier Dental Anesthesia Practice | Sleep Dentistry Erie

Sleep Dentistry Erie is the only dental practice in Erie, PA that offers dental anesthesia for any procedure. When it comes to dental services whether it's for kids, adults or elderly patients, you can count on our experienced dental team. Our practice is perfect for those with dental phobias since we have dental anesthesia specialists available for any dental procedure.

Sleep Dentistry Erie offers treatment in areas such as:

Whether you need teeth restoration treatment, a tooth removed, or a full smile makeover, our experienced dental staff will work with you to get your oral hygiene back on track. When working with the highly skilled dentists of Sleep Dentistry Erie, you are guaranteed an overall pleasant dental experience. We have financial assistance available to those who are in need.

Brighten up your smile, schedule an appointment at Sleep Dentistry Erie today!

My lifelong affliction of "dental-phobia" led to poor dental hygiene and many missing/broken teeth. Afraid to smile, and very self-conscious of my appearance, I felt I was fated to go through life using the "band-aid" approach of coping. Then I read, in the local newspaper, testimonials from several of Dr. Mahoney's patients.

As a result of Dr. Mahoney's expertise, sleep dentistry, and a very caring staff, I found a permanent solution that was painless and affordable. Now I echo everyone who has said, "I wish I had done this years ago".

I recommend Dr. Mahoney to each and everyone who is seeking quality, compassionate dental care.

- Linda Henry