More Than a Dental Anesthesiologist: Why To Choose Dr. Kevin Mahoney

Posted on April 30th, 2020 at 11:49 AM
More Than a Dental Anesthesiologist: Why To Choose Dr. Kevin Mahoney

As a practicing dental anesthesiologist specializing in family and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Kevin Mahoney has never seen a situation quite like COVID-19. Regardless, he continues to see to his patients' unique needs, delivering quality dental care tailored to the individual — just as he has for over three decades. If you're looking to establish a routine appointment schedule once government closure mandates lift, you can trust Dr. Mahoney to provide for you safely and capably.

For emergency dental care

Oral health closely correlates to overall health, so when a dental emergency arises, it’s important to get care fast. Sleep Dentistry with Dr. Kevin Mahoney offers same-day appointments to patients and non-patients alike, to address severe pain or swelling of the mouth or jaw, infections and abscesses, or broken or cracked teeth, crowns, or fillings. Don’t fret about payment or lack of insurance — between our work with insurance carriers and our monthly payment plans, our office makes a coordinated effort to ease your financial burden.

If dental fear or phobia is preventing you from getting the urgent dental care you need, do not let it. Dr. Mahoney is the only dentist in the Erie area licensed to administer general anesthesia, characterized by a deep state of unconsciousness. You’ll feel no pain and have no memory of the emergency procedure, but the relief you feel afterward will be something to remember going forward. 

For routine dental care

Of course, trips to the dentist shouldn’t just be reserved for emergencies. It’s recommended that dental visits occur every 6 months, or at least annually — by monitoring the health of the teeth, gums, and mouth consistently, there is a lesser chance of dire situations popping up in the first place! Furthermore, by seeing you more frequently, we can hone in on achieving your best smile through our array of cosmetic (aka aesthetic) dentistry services.

We understand that even routine dental procedures like bonding and fillings can be stressful or difficult for folks with anxieties, phobias, or special needs. For these patients, Dr. Mahoney can administer sedation or general anesthesia before he performs his work, getting more done in fewer visits. He also collaborates with the compassionate canine, Dogtor Gizmo — a certified dental therapy dog who's happy to sit or snuggle with you during your procedure. Dogtor Gizmo is wonderful with children and special needs patients.

It is these efforts to reinforce calm and reduce stress that set Dr. Mahoney apart.

dr kevin mahoney sleep dentistry procedure

Kind words from our patients

We know that deciding on one dentist can seem overwhelming when there are so many options available. We encourage you to choose the dentist best for you — who you’re both comfortable with and who delivers the care you need. In the meantime, here are a few examples of why our patients feel we’re the best for them.

From our Google Reviewers (5.0 stars, 13 reviews)

“Friendly, Professional, Compassionate, Experienced”

— 5 star review from Glenn Henry (Local Guide)

“Dr. Kevin Mahoney and staff have always made me feel at ease. I quite often call myself ‘Chicken Little’ when it comes to dentistry. The Sleep Dentistry is a bonus, the main reason I started to go there. They are very professional, friendly and informative. Thank you for making my visits stress free!”

— 5 star review from Kim Tavernese

From our Facebook Reviewers (4.3 stars, 52 reviews)

“The only phobia I have bigger than spiders and needles is going to the dentist, and I must say in all my years of going to a dentist, Dr. Mahoney has made that phobia go away. I was not put to sleep [when I] didn't need to be, I had my teeth cleaned and 2 fillings done all the same day and I felt no pain and never felt the needles. Dr. Mahoney has mastered his craft and makes you feel so comfortable and anxiety free, if there were 6-star [reviews], Dr. Mahoney definitely would have got one from me!!!”

— 5 star review from Butchie Knight

“My 6-year-old had some major problems with his teeth and needed surgery, [but] he was scared of the dentist ... When we finally thought we found an answer and had scheduled a surgery, the coronavirus outbreak made his surgery get cancelled and hope was lost. Of course my son's tooth took a turn for the worse. We got into [Dr. Mahoney’s] office the same day that we called them and the next morning my son had his surgery. WHAT A LIFE SAVER! Extremely satisfied with the service not to mention sanitary conditions in the office as well!”

— 5 star review from Katie Payne

If you, a friend, or a relative need emergency dental services during the COVID-19 outbreak, call Dr. Mahoney’s office at (814) 833-3505 to arrange a same-day appointment. When routine dental care is allowed to resume, please get in touch with us! We will be seeing new patients after previously scheduled appointments are fulfilled.