Is Sleep Dentistry right for me?

Who is Right? - Dental Anesthesia - Sleep Dentistry in Erie, PA

Dental anesthesia, or sleep dentistry, is especially perfect for people with dental phobias. The dental staff of Sleep Dentistry Erie has extensive experience in practicing safe dental anesthesia procedures on a wide range of patients. Multiple factors are taken into consideration when determining the best dental anesthesia approach to apply to your treatment such as your overall health, history of allergies and your anxiety level.

Dental anesthesia works well for people who have:

  • A fear of the dentist
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • A bad gag reflex
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • A limited amount of time for treatment
  • Complex dental problems, including extractions and immediate dentures

Whether you're someone who has a disability that prevents you from receiving traditional dental treatment or you simply hate needles, the dental staff at Sleep Dentistry can help by providing dental anesthesia.

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