Hellos and Good-Byes

Posted on March 15th, 2021 at 4:25 PM
Hellos and Good-Byes

Gadget and I have been busy lately but wanted to check in with our human friends and say good-bye to a few of our canine favorites.

A yorkshire terrier at a keyboard, wearing a blue suit and feathered hat

Our pal Ryder Cole — always fashionably dressed! — sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge just days after Valentine's Day. Ryder's parents rescued him from a life of hardship to allow him to shine. He is Mr. March in this year's America's Top Dog Calendar Contest and a repeat winner in Pooch Pageant for fundraising and the Dazzling Doggy & Glitzy Kitty Pageant. He was also a male pet model for designers all over the world and a member of the GGirl/ GGuy school of modeling. He also has been featured in a couple of our calendars raising money for rescue organizations.

A person in glasses snuggling with a black dog

Our buddy Quinn followed Ryder across the Rainbow Bridge earlier in March. We'll miss them very much both very much! Remember everyone that each day is precious!

We wuffs you all

 — Gizmo and Gadget