Stuck at Home

Posted on April 17th, 2020 at 2:27 PM
Stuck at Home
Hi Friends!
We have been following the stay at home order and practicing social distancing when we have to go somewhere. We miss seeing our patients and have been begging Mama and Daddy to let us go to the office with them for emergencies but they keep telling us we can't go right now because they want to protect us and our patients. We want all of you to know there has been no evidence that dogs or other pets can transmit covid-19, however, if a person that is infected with it sneezes or coughs near us, it may be possible for those droplets to fall on our fur and other surrounding surfaces. Then, if someone else pets us then touches their face or eyes there is a possibility of contracting the virus through surface contact, not animal to human transmission. So, we are asking you to keep your fur babies safe by not letting others touch or pet them and when coming in from outdoors wipe their fur with wet bath wipes made for pets.
We wuff you all and hope you are staying healthy and safe!
❤ Gizmo & Gadget